Kedry prime designed a space to enjoy a private villa and pool

Atina is a tree-lined town in the province of Frosinone, nestled among the avenues of olive trees and vines, and houses a luxurious two-story villa with a garden, pool and tennis court.

For complete enjoyment of the villa, the designers have created an incredible lounge area located in the courtyard next to the pool. With a breathtaking view, the rest is now even more beautiful in this minimalist landscaped yard. In this lounge are a small kitchen and a sofa.

To remind the whole space of the comfort of home, KEDRI PRIME has designed a movable roof, which surrounds the entire living space and turns it into a mini living room. In this case, the roof is a soft brown color, which fits perfectly into the natural environment, and you can close it at any time with a glass door.

All this simplicity, above all, aims to entice people to spend as much time on the open as possible.

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