Modern Home in Oregon

San Francisco based MAK Studio Architects, completed the design and development of Hillsborough II, an interesting looking modern residence located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

From the street side, the building displays a “reserved” appearance, a rectangular shaped pierced by glass. You can notice the intention of blocking out curious gazes in the blurry, impermeable windows. The opposite facade reveals a high level of openness, all the rooms facing an inner courtyard.

One of the most interesting features of the design is an exterior staircase which creates a visual symmetry, its functional purpose being that of leading inhabitants to the second floor of the residence. An open plan living and dining space bathed in natural light and connected to a spectacular outdoor terrace surrounded by trees acts as the core of the house.

Glass is also present in the bedrooms and bathrooms, allowing unobstructed views and bringing the peaceful feel of the garden inside.

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