Practical House Layout in Japan

Despite its 90 square meter surface, the Light Valley Residence by Future Studio seems extremely spacious.

Cleverly integrated in a 264.5m2 shaped lot in a new residential area in Kizugawa, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, the house surrounds a beautiful garden on the south side.

Its curving shape perfectly secludes the interiors from the curious eyes of the passers-by, while opening up to the inner green space. Its architecture and layout was adapted to the living needs of a young couple and their small children.

The theme of this ingenious project is light: “The sun rises from the east, paints the skies to the south and sets to the west. To this end we conceived the idea of Light Valley. On the ceilings there are slit top lights in a spiral that give the space different light volume and intensity depending on the season, time, and weather. Light lines appear clearly on a fine day, while on a cloudy day the lines vanish. The numerous light phases enable the residents to feel the passing of time in serene tranquility”, explained the architects.

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