This 350m2 villa nestled within the picturesque valleys of Puglia in Southern Italy was designed and planned by Paris architect and interior designer Fabrice Bejjani.

The project consists of three buildings and perfectly combines Fabrice’s signature style, which is both elegant and discrete, with materials which are typical of the region but employed to give a contemporary feel. The fabrics, walnut wood, white lacquered metal and Trani marble chosen by Fabrice alongside his custom made furniture for the property, create a welcoming and simple ambience and a place to live that is very flowing, very gentle and with no frills. From every angle of this beautifully crafted villa, the hosts and guests can enjoy the region’s great exposure to light as well as the landscape afforded by the endless fields of olive trees which surround the villa.


The Trullo is a conical-shaped house typical of the “Murgia die Trulli” area which forms a plateau between the cities of Bari, Brindsi and Taranto in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. The dome is 6m high with walls up to 3m thick and there are two alcoves on either side of the central space; one acts as the living area and the other as a fireplace. The Lamia is a cube-shaped house also typical of the region and was restored alongside the Trullo to create a shared living area.

All of the bathrooms are arranged as in a hotel, they are very functional and easy to use. Bathrooms have windows that open to the terrace in the sleeping room. All of the apartments in the villa are identical, showered with sun, wider than other rooms, and opened directly towards the big terrace and the pool. The living room is a very spacious area, and it can keep up to 15 people. The window covers the entire length of the room and it opens by using big glass door, towards outdoor areas.

Outdoor dining is connected with stairs and the pool, offering a beautiful view. Dining room represents the heart of the villa, and it can keep up to 14 people. The pool is the main characteristic of the villa. Elegantly shaped, it refines modern architectural look, and black mosaic tiles in the pool reflect the house and olive trees which is in accordance with time and light. Barbeque zone is set between the pool and the garden, and it can also keep up to 14 people. It is made in a rural style, with a fence of reeds, stone walls, and barbeque. Perfect place to enjoy an aperitif.

Fabrice Bejjani was born in Lebanon and created his own interior architecture agency in Paris several years ago. He started as a qualified architect and is also involved in decoration and furniture design.

Fabrice offers his customers all his knowledge of the best space and planning solutions. The agency’s primary activity is focused on individual clients; however, Fabrice Bejjani also works on commercial projects such as restaurants, shops etc.

Fascinated by other cultures, Fabrice Bejjani is always looking for new inspirations. From Japan to the United States, through to the Middle East, travelling enables him to enrich the work he does. For each of his projects he reinterprets images and atmospheres that have caught his attention.

Fabrice Bejjani has created his own style, combining design and simplicity. Wood, metal, paint and texture, often enhanced with an exotic oriental or very discrete touch: Fabrice Bejjani succeeds in marrying warm and contemporary with simple and luxurious when creating his designs.

Always adapting his work to the desires and needs of his clients, the architect particularly appreciates the opportunity the job gives him to meet new people. He personally invests in each project and always considers the long terms and especially the functionality of the site.

As well as interior architecture, Fabrice Bejjani also develops his own design in creating objects and custom made furniture for clients. These pieces are a reflection of his work; both elegant and discrete.

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