Well here is good news for all those who dream of having the best bathing experience in their bathrooms...

An INIZO shower:

Guarantees you the best showering experience. This cocoon shaped shower offers the best luxury experience ever. There are embedded rollers out there to massage your body while you sit in it comfortably. It brings you back to life after a tiring work. It even allows you to watch movies and read newspaper. Isn’t it a perfect way to pamper you!

Colour changing showers:

This shower comes with temperature controlled light to give you exactly the type of shower you need. Temperature changes from Green (32 degree centigrade) to red (45 degree centigrade).The different types of colours are available between blue, orange purple and pink. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to bathe under water of different colours?

The 18 head shower :

Imagine yourself under a shower with water coming all over you from 18 different shower heads! With adjustable settings of everything from temperature to water pressure .This water shower is designed to just woo you while you bath. It is just perfect….except …urr…the price of this one! It comes for $ 100,000 (yes that’s five zeros) the only turn down of this magnificent shower head.

Pocket shower:

How about a tiny pocket shower you could anywhere you are .A perfect option for Travellers, campers and even tourists. It comes in a fist sized bag but can hold up to 10 litres of water and can absorb solar energy to heat water. Not that expensive. You can buy this one for $ 27 before you go out for camping!

Psychedelic Shower:

The tiles of this shower changes it colour according to the temperature of the current .Base temperature this glass tile will set it to a default colour which will change colour for every 6-10 degree change. Although this seems one of the most interesting showers to own but this will be very expensive.

Shower of end-less space:

This unique shower design never runs out of space .Created in a 3Ds Max and also manages to put together extra seating arena. Also has the perfect techniques for drainage and prevents water from spilling out. One shower you can own if you have ample space in your bathroom.

Rice grain shower:

Named because of its shape which is like the shape of paddy. A unique combination of trend and technology with all the facilities you want. Hydraulic massage system, temperature control, LED lighting based heat sensors and one of the most eco friendly showers out there! Just perfect for a nice relaxing bath.

Solar Powered shower:

How about doing something good for the environment? Let us get some shower head you can use in the bath room as well as in the camps. Ideal for both your pocket and to give you a lovely time while bathing!

So did you choose the perfect one for your house and the features you want in your shower? Will it be the one which relaxes the body or the one which saves our environment? Whatever be it they are all perfect in their own ways now chose the ones that suits you!



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