Ergonomic Bathroom System

This may be the most integrated bathroom yet. Lining up the basin and bathtub creates a very linear motion and the shower is almost ethereal.

This minimalist style creates a spectacular room in every detail. The wood system is built using a combination of Hemlock and Lati woods, and they are treated to hold up to moisture. Both wood species are abundant and considered sustainable product so you can choose this line with good conscience.

But you don't have to limit yourself to wood - your bathtub could be an aluminum frame tub with Corian shell and you could mix and match it with a wooden counter. Mix materials like Corian and steel and wood. Mix it up as much as you like -- the base systems can have drawers or doors and there are five different wash basins available. You can also choose from different styles of mirror (two-sided, counter, wall) - it all makes it more personal, makes it yours.

But no matter which textures and colors you prefer, when you start with quality pieces in both composition and design - your bathroom is going to rock. 

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