Haussmann style apartment in Paris, modernized by Ritmonio Company

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In the heart of the beautiful Paris building, near the Place des Terence, Haussmann apartment-style has been completely renovated and redesigned by Agence Veronique Cotrel.

The original structure has been completely transformed to make room, ie the kitchen has been moved to give a larger living room and an extra bedroom.

Transforming the kitchen into the living room was a challenge that required the partial demolition of the retaining wall. The bedroom has its bathroom with a shower, which is completely discreetly separated by light gray windows. As for the faucet, the Diametro 35 Inox by Ritmonio was selected for its aesthetics and modernization, ideal for exclusive eternal style bathrooms.

The result is perfect, coherent and harmonious rooms that blend in with each other, without losing the thread of Haussmann's style or its distinctiveness.

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