Latest trends in ceramics world from Cersaie 2019 fair

The 37th edition of the Cersaie Fair has recently been completed, so it's a good time to summarize our impressions...

As in all other segments of life, the world of ceramics, decoration and bathroom accessories is undergoing major and significant changes. Modernization of production processes, a strong focus on ecology and recycling, as well as new systems for beautifying and furnishing an interior are always an important topic.

At the Cersaie Fair, which had a record number of 112,340 visitors, as many as 889 exhibitors from forty countries presented their novelties and their vision of the perfect interior. 342 exhibitors were not from Italy, while the ceramic tile sector was represented by 459 companies, followed by bathroom furniture with 214 exhibitors.

Like every time before, the fair fascinated us with organized events, where we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the biggest names in the world of architecture, interior decoration and ceramics, as well as to discuss topics that are gaining importance today, such as sustainability, recycling and eco-friendly production.

In the abundance of new materials and products, our attention was captured by the innovations of various companies, which gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with new trends and ideas, before conquering the whole world, preparing us for their era of rule.

Irregular lines

Irregularly shaped lines that create amazing patterns have gained prominence this year, with offerings from numerous brands. Whether it was the creation of natural patterns, such as rocks and reliefs, or abstract design moments that delighted us with their dimension and depth, the lines were practically at the center of our attention.

Red passion

Red has always been a hallmark of power, courage, daring and fearlessness, which is why, with many of its shades, it has characterized the new offerings of numerous brands. In bathroom spaces, as well as in other parts of our homes, red can be used to highlight the most interesting elements and direct our attention to them.

Copper and oxides

Giving a dose of industrial style to the fair offer, copper base acetate and various oxides adorned numerous novelties, perfect for creating an environment filled with emotion and energy. The oxide patterns are uncontrollable, random, and irregular, yet they fit perfectly with each other, while copper in its acetate form creates the most interesting collages of colors.

Perfect veins

Marble is a material that has become famous for its interesting veins, which appear randomly on its surface, creating incredible patterns that are inimitable. Perfect veins, combined to create extremely impressive patterns, give you the opportunity to fashion a seemingly uniform environment, which is somehow unique.

Floral patterns

Abstract flowers gained their five minutes of fame during this fair, presenting themselves to us in their interesting, geometric variants, which can give one ambience the illusion of space and depth. With interesting, faded colors, this floral pattern can be easily added to one interior, as the perfect decorative number to be enjoyed forever.

Rustic and rustic industrial style

Raw materials, processed only enough to be used in the interior of a home, glowed under the lights of the fair and mesmerized its visitors with their unique, natural and innate features. Dark colors, accentuated by textures, have a new vision of attraction that almost everyone will want in their home.

The magic of this year's Cersaie Fair has made a striking impression on us, whose vibes we will carry forward to the next edition and new inspirational ideas that are just waiting for us...

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