Since the main aim of a master bathroom is to give you full privacy, relaxation and relief, it has to be well designed in a way that fully satisfies you and makes you relax just the way you wish.

All these expectations and more are found in the breathtaking master suite bathroom of HGTV Dream Home 2013. After talking about the awesome master suite bedroom of this home, you should totally expect to have a master bathroom that doesn’t make you feel any less comfortable or tranquil. When you check out the pictures of this post, you will see how serene the bathroom looks such that it makes you feel like you have your own spa at home. White furniture is used to give much purity to the place, and to make a nice color match, you’ll find porcelain tiles that look exactly like travertine for that amazing look. Now you’ll find a shower stall and a water closet next to each other that are both enclosed using a glass enclosure. A beautiful touch here is that clear glass is used to close the shower stall, while frosted glass is used to close the water closet for even more privacy.

Now concerning the bathtub, it is awesome and deep to ensure you total relaxation for a dreamy bubble bath, for example. A sink vanity includes cabinets and drawers for lots of storage spaces, and you’ll also find a vintage-like dresser for an eye catching look. Another totally eye catching thing that you will notice is the beauty of the bathroom’s lighting and also the beautiful decorative touches added that are reminiscent of the sea with the aqua candle holders and soap holder used. You will also see some beautiful plants and wide windows that let sun rays enlighten the bathroom while allowing you to see the beautiful outdoor view. All I can say is that this master bathroom is definitely a success!!

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