Prepare yourself before the renovation of bathrooms

Renovation of bathrooms is an exciting task...

But before you jump in the selection of new tiles that will go with the latest design, there are some less exciting preparations. Renovation of bathrooms can be time-consuming, as well as to empty your wallet and cards.
We have prepared a simple list of 7 tips to make sure that your dream bathroom is on the right track and that the renovation goes smoothly.


Setting the budget will help you in making decisions about what should go into the renovation. When you realize what can pass through your certain amount, you will have a clearer picture and feel for your new bathroom.


When you first think about the look of your bathroom, there are many factors to consider - the color of the walls, tiles, bathtubs or showers choice... and it can be too much. Begin to assemble the things you like and explore. The design should work hand in hand with functionality, so think about who will use the bathroom and how. Take into account the eventual resale houses and also take a little time to figure out how to design your bathroom to fit with the rest of the house


There are three main constraints that really make renovating bathrooms - overall size of the bathroom, the location of existing water pipes and electrical wiring and typical dimensions of a standard sanitary equipment. So make sure you have the correct dimensions before you go shopping.


Renovation withoutrenovations is an option on the table. You should check and repair what needs to be, and how you would not banged his head what these things are, here is a list - Shower, toilet, bidet, sink, tap water and shower heads. You need to upgrade or repair the mirror, shower doors. You can change the look of your bathroom a very slight change of door handles, drawers or doors for shower, if you have a bath - changing the curtains can give a new look to your bathroom and freshness.


Virtually any material can be used for walls and floors in the bathroom as long as waterproof. Depending on your budget and style - ceramics, marble and granite slabs appear to be good-looking and very durable flooring and wall surfaces. For additional flooring options can include cement, vinyl slabs, which are cheap and look better than ever.


Bathroom may not be practical and very ugly without adequate lighting, plan your light so that it is functional and that creates atmosphere.


Finally do not forget that your bathroom deserves a beautiful decoration. Depending on your style, choose accessories that will beautify your bathroom. Some are functional and decorative, dial the first vases and bowls in which you put the soap, makeup, hairclips...then shelves that will be the repository for your towels, sanitary, hygiene. Then let yourself in with completely decorative items - green in your bathroom, bath curtain that will go beautifully with your design, etc...


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