Radiator Shower Combo

Did you ever think of using a radiator to heat your shower water?

You can even move the water through a towel warmer, as shown in the green version of this system. The Monolite by Brandoni is built on the idea of fusion between heat and water. Why let all that hot water just go down the drain? Designed by Tuscan Fabrizio Batoni, this innovative system focuses on the radiator, and plans to change how bathrooms are heated.

The combination of radiator, taps and shower head in a single system of contained heat is revolutionary. (Or if you choose, you may simply integrate the radiator with your existing bathroom.) Designed with a very small footprint, both literally and figuratively, this system could create a wide ripple in the bathroom design world.

An integrated system, with a great deal of style in addition to its clever functionality. It's modern and sophisticated design combines with environmentally friendly features in the perfect marriage of form, function and conscience.

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