Transforming Bathrooms with Lapitec Sintered Stone

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Lapitec provides the ultimate solution for a multitude of applications in bathrooms, offering both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Whether it's shower trays, baths and surrounds, mini-pools, saunas, or tops and doors for washbasin vanity units, Lapitec sintered stone is the perfect choice.

One of the outstanding features of Lapitec is its completely pore-free surface, allowing it to come into direct contact with water and cleaning agents without incurring any damage. Its silica-free composition guarantees exceptional hygiene and safety, while the availability of highly slip-resistant finishes further enhances its performance.

The large dimensions of Lapitec slabs, including the impressive XXL format measuring up to 1540 mm x 3440 mm, enable the creation of shower coverings with sleek, seamless lines, eliminating the need for joints and gaps. The material's workability, with its "full body" structure, facilitates cutting and engraving to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. This flexibility enables the customization and design of bathroom units in various styles and colors. From warm tones to pristine white with through-body veining in the Musa collection, as well as shades of grey and black, Lapitec sintered stone offers a versatile palette that promotes a sense of well-being in any bathroom.

Lapitec is available in three thicknesses: 12 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm. It boasts exceptional resistance to shocks, scratches, UV rays, temperature variations, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, it creates an inhospitable environment for mold and bacteria, ensuring excellent performance even underwater, while maintaining its impeccable appearance.

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