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The artwork known as "Alfabeto" created by Eliana Lorena for Carpet Edition showcases a distinctive representation through its graphical elements. It consists of a series of linear strokes, intentionally out of scale, that overlap to depict the intricate weave, which forms the foundation of every rug.

Alfabeto communicates through a language built on the utilization of minimal elements, akin to a code. Its aim is to portray not just a description but a symbolic representation of knowledge, gestures, and the constructive act of the warp and weft intersecting, the fundamental components of rug-making.

Similar to how letters form words, the intertwining of warp and weft creates the fabric and gives life to a design object that embodies the exceptional craftsmanship of the Italian company. The latest iteration of Alfabeto introduces an evolution of colors and fibers, incorporating New Zealand wool and Tencel, and expanding the color palette to encompass six new shades. These additional color variations, developed with a strong commitment to the environment, evoke imaginary markings that celebrate the imperfections and value of Carpet Edition's handmade creations.

The meticulously handcrafted weave of Alfabeto designs a fabric within a fabric, reminiscent of Bruno Munari's teachings in Fantasia, stimulating our imagination and encouraging us to contemplate what is yet to exist, as it reminds us that "one thing leads to another."

Eliana Lorena - Brief Biography

Eliana Lorena is a renowned designer, researcher, and educator specializing in the technology of materials and design history. She has served as a strategic consultant for color and material design for esteemed companies such as Fiat, Lancia, Piaggio, NTV-Italo treno, Cassina, Pallucco Italia, Lualdi Porte, Marcarté-Tecno, Marzotto, Fila, Mandarina Duck, Moncler, Nava design, Chopard, Eurojersey, and Seibu shinkin Bank.

Her work has been exhibited in various Italian and international museums, including La Triennale - Milano, where she collaborated on group exhibitions and presented a solo exhibition called "Crossover."

Eliana Lorena has taught courses on the culture of materials at the Domus Academy and served as a visiting professor at numerous universities in Italy and abroad, including France, Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Currently, she is a faculty member at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA).

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