CHARM OF WOOD - natural or technological

Casalgrande Padana and Mosaico+ propose new lines that appeal for their materiality.

The technological wood made ​​of glazed stoneware elements by Casalgrande Padana and the natural mosaic by Mosaico+.

Casalgrande Padana ||  Tavolato - Granitoker Line

With the new Tavolato series the technology, colour and decorative research and development effort intensifies further, in perfect consistency with the glazed stoneware elements of the Granitoker line. The latest generation material is manufactured through sophisticated production processes and translates into high technical -performance products matched with exclusive aesthetic solutions. If, once again, the inspiration for the material comes from nature, the idea that takes shape through the industrial ceramic product intends to overcome this simple combination to forge a new, outstanding product, which stands out for the particular surface finish: the superficial touch of these slabs literally reminds of the texture of saw-cut wooden floorboards.

Mosaico+ || Legno

Hardwood mosaic comprising bevelled square chips 8 mm thick, in size 23x23 and 23x48 mm, mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 300x300 mm in which the chips are about 2.2 mm apart. The top of the wooden mosaic chip consists of 4 mm of solid hardwood, while the bottom part comprises 4 mm of material made from regenerated polymers and wood fibre from environment-friendly sources. The two sections are glued together using a dual component polyurethane adhesive resistant to water, heat and a large number of chemicals.

There are 5 types of hardwood available: Oak, Bleached Oak, Doussié, Canaletto Walnut and Wengé.

The chips are designed and produced in Italy.

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