The company AK47 is best described by a thought of John Ruskin, which is adopted as their own credo: “No architecture is as so haughty as that which is simple."

New, small, but certainly a striking Italian company AK47, provoke not only with its name (stands for Automatic rifle known as Kalashnikov), but also with innovative and attractive design for fireplace accessories. Their creative oeuvre is based on finding a new design theme, with a desire to provide conventional and stereotyped objects with an entirely new life form, character.

They find inspiration for work in nature, in raw materials, so the finish is just like that. It seems that their design is spontaneous, primordial and essential, and in fact, each piece is carefully and intelligently designed, in order to enter warmth and charm into a home environment, with full respect of the primary functions of objects themselves. Aesthetics is unusual and highly simplified, and the solutions are witty and provocative.

Mina Vujović, Modus Vivendi Enterijeri

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