Freestanding Fireplace Boxer Plus

The Boxer Plus fireplace from Harrie Leenders is available in two styles, the original with silver sides or the Boxer Black with anthracite sides.

Both, of course, are the high performing fireplaces this manufacturer is known for. In fact, they claim this is the most advanced fireplace they have ever offered with the benefit of 30 years of research and development behind it. 

Built from 5mm steel, this model has an 80% efficiency rate and a fully ceramic combustion chamber. The Boxer is minimalist and sleek with sharp lines and would work in any room - especially given there are two color choices to choose from. And it's got a built-in wood box below so you can store your logs.

This would be a perfect addition to the weekend ski chalet or to your urban home - a focal point for a room, a place to gather indoors. And an efficient heating unit!

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