LATOxLATO Unveils Inkiostro Bianco Wallpaper Collection

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The collaborative efforts of Francesco Breganze de Capnist and Virginia Valentini, a design studio known for their distinctive touch, align for the first time with the acclaimed Italian brand specializing in exquisite decorative wallpapers, Inkiostro Bianco.

In a bold leap into the realm of wallpaper craftsmanship, LATOxLATO joins hands with Inkiostro Bianco, renowned connoisseurs of decorative wall treatments that seamlessly fuse art, architecture, and design. The outcome of this partnership is a series of evocative metaphysical wallpapers, capturing urban vistas that transform spaces into an ethereal, dreamlike realm, brimming with vitality.

This collaboration signals a novel interpretation that adds a distinctive flair to Inkiostro Bianco's Flow line, celebrated for its fluidity, rhythmic contours, and rich palette – a deliberate rebellion against the constraints and rigid conventions that often besiege our contemporary existence. "Our excitement is palpable, engaging in this partnership with Inkiostro Bianco – a true haven of original concepts. Their faith in us and the generous freedom they've granted us is exhilarating. It's almost as though we've painted our vision on a blank canvas. Be it a monumental edifice, a complementary furniture piece, or these new wallpapers, our passion lies in blending architectural elements with an ethereal ambience," expressed the creators of LATOxLATO.

A unifying theme threads through the quartet of designs crafted by the studio under the banner of the Flow line – an exploration of the interplay between interior sanctuaries and the outside world in architectural narrative. Archscape and Metropolis, with their graphical narrative, transport the viewer to the perspective of those who choose to observe the city from a distance, ensconced within the haven of their homes. These designs project dimensions of volume, staircases, windows, lights, and shadows onto the walls of urban structures, encapsulating the spirit of the vibrant yet enigmatic urban sprawl.

In contrast, the enchanting allure of Bossage and Coffer Mania beckon for an intimate inspection. Embarking on an urban stroll, the radiance seeping from a room lures the wanderer into a reverie, encapsulating the aura of the surroundings and its inhabitants, allowing the imagination to meander through an ethereal, suspended realm.

Embracing the essence of every LATOxLATO endeavor, the exploration of hues becomes a cornerstone. These tones, meticulously crafted, are intended to harmonize seamlessly within domestic and commercial spaces, creating effects of light and shadow. The sophisticated fusion of cool and warm shades evokes an interplay of luminosity. Each design manifests in a palette of shades, facilitating its integration into diverse environments while aligning harmoniously with varied interior aesthetics.

Lorenzo Bragato, the Commercial Director and co-owner of Inkiostro Bianco, summed up the collaboration: "The contribution of LATOxLATO to the Flow line is exceptionally captivating, emanating from the unique designs and the arresting impact of urban and metaphysical-inspired graphics. Our endeavor is invariably to stir emotions, to elicit a response. Flow emerged to provide backdrops that allow individuals to articulate their personal existence. The collaboration with LATOxLATO has infused the line with a thrilling and refined allure."

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