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Ready, steady, stone...

Design Raffaello Galiotto  

An explosion of colour.

An exciting modern-day expression of industrial stone design applied to the art of inlay work. 

25 types of marble, 5 patterns, 12 colour ranges, material wastage reduced close to zero: design inlay work comes into the world.

The designs, the nuances and the productive approach of this new collection literally break down the classical idea of marble inlay work and its use in the field of decoration for floors and claddings by driving innovation into hitherto unexplored realms. The collection makes its début with a variety of hues, in a series of ready-for-use ensembles that do not forgo the preciousness of antique inlay work yet at the same time speak to the onlooker in a new language, linked to an exceptional mark of design. 

A unique serial production, an imperceptible modular layout and an avant-garde design. 

This is a sequence of 60 cm x 60 cm modules, with patterns that can be extended depending on the tastes and requirements of the designer, in wall claddings and floorings. Serial sequences where the material is a true protagonist display continuous and non-continuous geometric shapes, scattered graphical compositions, games of delicate or contrasting colours, dim effects or almost optical styles… all these items have been created by using techniques which although produced on an industrial scale nevertheless obey the traditional rules of inlay, in the same way as the artist who engraved and selected stones for their colours, their tones and their grain as long ago as the 1500s. 

Claddings and floors ready for use, extremely short fit-out times. 

Each module is easy to lay and it comes delivered in a completely finished form. The rendering and added value are the same as for a traditional work of inlay, but with some further unprecedented benefits: the possibility to choose between different patterns whose aesthetical and chromatic format is pre-defined as it has been subject to careful prior assessment, the freedom to be able to apply the design inlay to horizontal or vertical surfaces of any dimension and exceptionally short fit-out times. 

Stonework design explores new avenues.  

With this collection Lithos Design has switched its production focus from a sculptural approach to one which is more pictorial. In addition to the search for three-dimensional results which until now has been typical of the way in which the brand has evolved, there is now a desire to design with colours, understood as meticulous selection of raw materials, know-how of colours, hues, veins and their performances, mix of shadows and chiaroscuro effects as well as on its various shapes.  The creation of this collection has necessitated specific research into the structures, the colours and the compositions of stone materials from the perspective of the production runs which are typical of industrial design, in addition to research into the whereabouts, the quality and the ease of working with marble originating from all around the world. 


Collection: Opus

Design: Raffaello Galiotto

Brief description: A blend of colour, energy and sophisticated elegance. Just like a MIKADO, an orderly chaos of brightly coloured sticks gives rise to an exceptional cladding due to its technical construction and the quality of the raw materials used, which blends in seamlessly in all home and contract environments with rare and immediate empathy. Designed in three colour palettes, the names of which recall tantalising sensations: Zucchero, Cacao, Pepe (Sugar, Cocoa, Pepper)

Type: floors and claddings

Dimensions: 60 cm x 60cm

Materials: Three different palettes include different types of marble. Zucchero, distinguished by a base where the colour white prevails; Cacao, with a prevalently buttery brown base; Pepe, with a black soul. 


Collection: Opus

Design: Raffaello Galiotto

Brief description: Broken down shapes focusing on the contrast between delicate shades of colour and bolder colourful brush-strokes, determined by wise and specific choices of stone materials. An echo of outlines, an infinite number of figures which follow one another in the perfect dose of colour.  Available in three palettes: Aloe, Caffè, Ginger (Aloe, Coffee and Ginger). Near-zero waste material.

Type: floors and claddings Dimensions: 60 cm x 60cm

Materials: Marble compositions declined in three different colour palettes: Aloe, green, lush and fleshy; Ginger, with predominant spicy colours and shades of red; Caffè, a blend of browns, from the darkest to the palest hues. 

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