Love Organic, sleep Organic with COCO-MAT

Observing closely the global fashion trends, COCO-MAT classified all products to the following categories; ABSTRACT, NEUTRAL-LUXURY and ETHNIC, based on their aesthetics, texture and quality.

Trend Abstract

Organic bedlinen

The ABSTRACT category, represented by unique bedlinen designs, prepared exclusively for COCO-MAT, consists of more geometric and modern design which addresses a younger audience.

Trend Neutral-Luxury

Organic & linen bedlinen, throw Collection
The pastel colors of the NEUTRAL-LUXURY category with its diachronic design, conveys a sense of luxury!

Trend Ethnic

Decorative Pillow & Carpet Collection
The unique mixture of warm and cold colors of the ETHNIC category makes it ideal for boho lovers and youngish decorations. The carpet composition is made of 100% organic cotton.

COCO-MAT's fabrics are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), using solely organic cotton produced with pennie yarns without any toxic compounds.

COCO-MAT’s bedlinen packaging is made of the same material as the bed sheets, avoiding plastic materials. This offers the advantage of feeling the quality of the fabric without even opening the bedlinen package.

COCO-MAT's organic bedlinen are uniquely different providing an unparalleled combination of high density, durability, exceptional quality and attractive packaging!

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