The choice of this name is provocative, strong and incisive...

The creative artists at Ak47 propose products that are docile, innovative, efficacious and efficient. The intuition of Ak47 is to design and produce furnishing accessories that shun the obvious, venturing into questions that are still unexplored. Wood management is the first theme of the project that Ak47 tackled, but they wished to extend their range as much as possible in order to cover an infinite series of possibilities. Research and innovation, made in Italy for new projects that have not been overworked by the many companies that design and produce in the world. A constant challenge that stimulates, contaminates and fascinates anyone who relates to the Ak47 philosophy.

The following outdoor wood fireplaces by AK47 differ with their cool, contemporary design. Each fireplace is easy to install and very comfortable since they have wood panel for sitting around the crackling flame. Some models are suitable for wide area and some will be perfect for compact yards and decks but each model has additional storage space for wood. Check out these cool fireplaces from AK47.


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