SAFRETTI - Exclusive Decorative Fireplaces

If you dream having a fireplace at your home, which you can simply hang on any wall just like a painting, and you don't even need wood, here are Safretti fireplaces...

Dutch company Safretti has a mission to be market leader for state-of-the-art environmental friendly fireplaces with a unique design.

Cubico was designed by Jan des Bouvrie. It is ideal for sitting nicely around fire. It is the heart of any room. Riviera design is clean, timeless and perfectly finished, and is designed by Jort Mercuur. Prometheus has been approached with the eye of an expressive artist. It has been named after the Greek god who stole fire from the gods and then offered it as a gift to mankind. Nemo is designed by Henk Heres, an expert in designing cupboards. The size of the Nemo is so well thought-out that it is one with the cupboard in which it is placed. Double Vision specific design is a beautiful symbiosis between two products, each of which strengthens the other with force, and is designed by Jan des Bouvrie.

When it comes to designing timeless contemporary fireplaces, Safretti has a clear advantage, as they combine the warmth of fire with modern design. It has the mesmerizing impact of a real fireplace, without the need of chimney, and can be placed anywhere, to suit the need of the interior design and practicality.

Written by: Ana NEŠIĆ

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