Textural Concrete Tiles with Flowery Motifs

Looking for a new way to innovate your house? Why not try the soft organic forms with flowery motifs that embellish the walls of your home, a simple concept developed by KAZA and a series of selected design artists from all over the world?

A concrete tile reinforced with concrete fiber called Smart Concrete becomes a durable material that can be adapted to various creative design concepts. What’s really interesting is the way each artist brings his/her personal contribution to it, transforming a tile into an object of art. Believe it or not, it’s the latest trend in terms of interiors and it can successfully replace the dull wallpapers or the paint.

The visual effect produced by the contemporary artistic wall you end up creating is impressive. As the light penetrates the interior, the angles of the shadows change within the textural concrete tile. That gives birth to a constantly changing living environment, dynamic and nevertheless, inspiring.

Suggesting a new versatile design solution for your house, KAZA challenges you to dwell into a different type of experience distilled with a touch of emotion. The natural rhythm imposed by the flowery motifs and distinctive patterns adds a sense of life and harmony to any home.

Tiles come in different shapes and sizes and they work for both, interiors and exteriors.

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