TRATTO PUNTO (Dash Dot) is the name given to the new collection designed by Paola Navone.

There are tall and short vases, for a bunch of flowers or a single flower. And then there are plates, glasses, cups, trays and serving stands. Small marvels made from hand-decorated glass. As it has always been done, and as Egizia continues doing, true to a long tradition.

The transparency of the glass is complemented by the decoration. White and silver dots and dashes silk screened by hand. A shower of dots, like a myriad water-drops. The most elementary of signs in large or extra-large version. Out of scale.

And then lines, so many lines. At times they are spaced so closely that they almost hide the glass. When filled, the vases, pitchers, cups and glasses undergo a transformation. They are ethereal, transparent and reflective creatures that become alive with colour. They take on a new life in the blink of an eye.

Together, one next to the other, they put on a lovely show. A fantastic array of lines and polka dots on stage. As unexpected and precious as a joyful feast. The decor TRATTO (Dash) is represented by an horizontal line, while the decor PUNTO (Dot) is the round one.

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