Unveiling Glasshouse by Ohpopsi: A Captivating Addition

Allow us to introduce you to Glasshouse, a design that has ignited an entire wallpaper collection, and its charm is undeniable.

Created by the innovative wallpaper design house, Ohpopsi, Glasshouse is a tribute to subtle geometrics entwined with luxurious tropical foliage.

Drawing inspiration from the Botanic Garden in Glasgow, renowned for its exquisite glass houses, Glasshouse emerges as the brainchild of Rosanna Rose and takes center stage as the signature design within her magnificent seven-piece Glasshouse collection.

Zoe Eaton, the Creative Designer at Ohpopsi, shares, "Glasshouse emanates a vibrant symphony of color, pattern, and a delicate touch of geometrics, encapsulating an entire collection in its essence. It magnificently celebrates the allure of the natural world, infusing spaces with a profound dose of biophilia."


With a bold and unapologetic approach, Ohpopsi stands as an independent British wallpaper brand that is rapidly etching its mark upon the world of interior design, one striking wall at a time.

Fueled by agility and ambition, Ohpopsi boasts a team of seasoned industry experts at the helm, destined for remarkable achievements.

Committed to fostering self-expression, Ohpopsi's creative team specializes in crafting original wallpaper designs that mirror the individuality and imagination of its customers. Embracing a contemporary and playful ethos, Ohpopsi is dedicated to bold patterns and confident colors.

For those seeking vibrant and distinctive pieces that inspire personal style, Ohpopsi proudly claims its place as the preferred design house.

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