WallPepper® Group in Verona’s heart

Spectacular WallPepper® creations dress the walls of Leon d’Oro Hotel’s best suites…

Leon d’Oro Hotel, famous worldwide because of its elegance and hospitality, is located in a very special area of Verona, the town known as the city of love.

Each hotel space, from rooms to restaurant, hall and a spectacular winter garden, is marked by enchanting and luxurious ambiance. Each detail here is designed to be enjoyed in with all senses, to offer satisfaction to client needs and make their stay wonderful and memorable. On the upper hotel levels, you will find an exclusive and refined area, which consists of luxury suites, furnished with top notch decadence, comfort and equipped with the best services.

Thanks to their extraordinary decorative power, technical features and green policy, WallPepper® designs were chosen to enhance all the spaces and tell their stories about this town’s history, in a perfect harmony of beauty and functionality.

Acoustic comfort is one of the amenities offered here, thanks to WallPepper® Acoustic – customized graphic, chosen to decorate the rooms, were painted on a special system, which is tested and officially certified for being a real sound-absorbing and insulation system.

WallPepper® Acoustic offering, which can also be applied on the ceiling, differentiates the sound from noise, considerably reducing echo, and at the same time improving general wellness of guests in this location.  

Attention towards details, amazing graphics and spectacular quality are features which define the entire hotel. Each room became a unique and poetic space, where many atmospheres create a journey towards wellbeing.

WallPepper® Acoustic, to design not only with the eyes… could we still call it “wallpaper”?

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