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Zara Home has decided that this year Christmas extends throughout the house with the most traditional colors and textures - red, green, and many branches.

This year, the whole house is dressing up in the Zara Christmas Collection, in which the famous brand offers us as classic protagonists of classic Christmas - pieces with red, green, checkered prints and natural vegetation. If you remember, last year their holiday season offering was focused on cobalt blue, but this year, they are going back to the roots and tradition, spreading Christmas celebrations all around the house.

As you may well know, Christmas spirit is at first awaken by decoration, but also with your senses, which is why your house should smell of freshly baked deserts, crackling fire in the fireplace and mohair blankets which give us shelter from the cold and harsh winter days. Dining table is this year decorated with small accent pieces and candles, but also with natural bouquets with autumn herbs.

In the rest of the house, or in the master bedroom, the nursery and kitchen, branches and plant compositions (also oversized) decorate the headboards, windows and walls. A lot of red is used in these rooms reminding us of love we give to each other during the holiday season. In this way, the whole house reminds us that a festive atmosphere has invaded our home.

If there are blankets and pillows in your house, make sure they smell like cinnamon or ginger.

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