Feng Shui Guide for Property Developers

Let’s say you are a property developer, or that you work for a property development company…

We know that your business is very complex and multi-layered. You typically work on multiple projects and need to manage numerous companies and individuals who work for you. On top of everything, your business is hugely affected by the global economy. You want your projects to run smoothly, just as you’d like your customers to conveniently appear on your doorstep… right? But is this possible? Is there some sort of magic wand that can help manage and grow your business?

Maybe there is… but we can offer something even better! We can help your business in TWO important ways, ensuring that your business space is able to support your company’s goals. We can also help with the smooth development of your projects by using Real Feng Shui design! And finally we can help you reach out to those who are wanting to settle down into their new Feng Shuied home!

 A property developer’s guide to the effective use of Feng Shui

Property Development is probably one of the most challenging businesses – it involves taking huge risks in the creation and renovation of real estate – but it also gives the greatest rewards. The work scheme of a developer is wide and complicated and they typically work in busy and pressurized environments, dealing constantly with tight deadlines. While it may appear that they have everything under control, like any other business, this one also needs help with creating supportive workspace and designing properties which will attract buyers!

There are TWO basic ways a Real Feng Shui expert can help in the property development business:
  1. We can help in designing, selecting and improving the Qi flow within the property developer’s workplace.
  2. We can apply real Feng Shui as part of Property Development projects.
Feng Shui for a property developer’s workplace

The location of the seat of your company is important. This is because for a truly amazing workspace and to have great work done from there, Feng Shui is essential. In a Feng Shui consultation, we first have to learn more about every aspect of the workflow process. This helps us to come up with the best possible solutions. We will discuss our solutions with the relevant key individuals, architects and designers, to find the best ways to implement our suggested improvements. When carried out properly, Feng Shui will enable ease of movement as well as promoting productivity and communication.

When it comes to the design of a new workplace, we typically fit into modern, sustainable and ergonomic office design. This is because integrating different aspects of space is important to us. Our goal is to incorporate exterior views into the layout design, as well as combining our solutions into the décor, which reflects the company culture while also promoting the employee’s sense of wellbeing. We always pay special attention to the placement of executive offices, as we want to provide them with the ideal desk position and facing direction, thereby boosting their efficiency and results. We can also calculate the optimum locations for outdoor pools and fountains, as well as indoor aquariums and fish tanks. (Water features are very important as they strongly influence wealth and sales).

Feng Shui for property development projects

Feng Shui can be applied to the design of individual estates. It can also be employed for bigger projects in accordance with the developer’s ideas, city plans, the client’s profile, etc. Incorporating real Feng Shui into property design is a smart move, not only because people just love to buy properties that have been Feng Shuied but also because it will positively affect the overall development of the project.

In property development projects we first want to find a way to harness the energy of the landscape and surroundings, through well thought out placement of the property. Next, we will position the main gate in the best possible location, carefully designing the access roads and driveways, as these are important conductors of energy. We can provide significant support to the overall project design by providing basic layout guidelines for each individual unit, in accordance with the clientele.

Most importantly, in everything we do, we strive towards implementing systemic, realistic and logical solutions that will provide benefits to both the developer and their clients. A Feng Shui consultation should precede any architectural work and design. This is because as Feng Shui experts we always know WHY we want to place something – or someone – in a specific location. Also, there are some degree readings which are not ideal for the position of the main entrance or a gate; a property that lies on these lines will experience  much slower sales and an extended construction period, creating more delays and increased expense.

When it comes to outdoor water features, placement is vital! Water is a powerful generator of Qi energy and it can enhance sales and provide fast returns. Moreover, keep in mind that people just feel good about buying property that has already been Feng Shuied, which is always the best recommendation for the next development project!

In Feng Shui, it all depends on - Qi

The success experienced by individuals and also within a business basically comes from Qi energy and its flow. When there is Qi and when it flows smoothly, the occupants of a property will thrive and business will expand. Real Feng Shui practitioners know how to harness the available Qi from the location and the surroundings, just as they know how to enhance it when necessary. We are able to achieve this goal through the precise positioning of doors, windows and the careful placement of water features. We also know where to position the gate and how to design the access roads and driveways to optimize the flow of Qi within the estate. Harmonious Qi flow is also important when it comes to each individual property and unit. This is why we design a property carefully, placing the entrance and allocating rooms thoughtfully. Knowing that we all depend on Qi for our overall wellbeing, we do our best to promote the best sources of Qi for our clients and help improve its flow. Sometimes just a simple adjustment will determine success.

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