Feng Shui keys to a Good Location

The energy of the place where we live affects us most, influencing our health, energy status and wellbeing in general. Our residence is important not only because we usually spend the most of our lives at home, but it is also important because an average individual inclines to spend more then a third of his life in – bed, sleeping. 

In the old times, our ancestors were choosing places for their residences more carefully, knowing that many generations might live there. Nowadays, despite the fact that we change our residences more easily, every residence still affects our energy and more directly or indirectly influence our health, relationships and success. 

Those who had changed many residences might notice that they feel different in each one. With a change of residence, it is possible to increase or decrease personal energy status and to improve or worsen health and relationships (when deprived of sleep and energy we might become irritable and more prone to disputes)

Sometimes, people might notice that in the new residence (or even different bedroom in the same home) their health symptoms suddenly fade and possibly – disappear. In the same manner, they may notice that they were more happy and-or lucky while staying in certain residence, while the other ones might trigger feeling of loneliness and sadness.

Each residence tells its own story to certain people, and though an overall design of the property and surroundings also affect our lives, the very base of our residence story begins - at the energy of a Location. 

Different Locations – different earth energy 

Though Earth energy is hidden in the ground, it is not static, for it constantly travels underneath the earth surface. Earth Qi ascends and descends, it goes deep or stays at the surface, it may be strong or week, flourishing or decaying. 

Not every location is good or benevolent and in Classical Feng Shui practice we are looking for the best options, i.e. the places where Earth energy is the most flourishing and auspicious. Places with strong Earth energy are those ones in the vicinity of the clear and preferably meandering waters (or lakes, etc.), on a protruded land, surrounded with lush mountains or hills. In general all mountains and undulations are viewed as body and bones of the Earth, while waters represent Earth blood flow. 

Undulating landscape is important part of the ideal location, for undulations protect the site from wind attacks and prevent scattering of energy. The best option is when Earth Qi traveling is stopped naturally (undulation ’’meets’’ river, lake, sea or ocean), for the artificial break of the Qi flow might damage the Earth Qi severely, in certain cases making bad location out of the previously good one.

Although Earth energy is very stable and long lived, it also goes through the various phases, culminating and-or decreasing. Generally, more it travels more mature and powerful it becomes and therefore the strongest Earth energy might be found in the vicinity of the sea and-or ocean. 

What makes one city prosperous 

Sometimes, Earth energy might be good, but a Location needs more time to reach its full potential. At the other hand, some places might easily lose their strength not only over time but as soon as the first settlement is built. 

There are also some powerful locations containing so strong Earth energy that even growing metropolis can not drain it. As the matter of fact, all the prosperous cities are built at the places abundant of Earth energy, especially ones built on river confluences and around meeting points of mountains and a lake or –an ocean. 

In Classical Feng Shui terms speaking, it is no wonder thatSwitzerlandis being such a prosperous country for so many decades. It’s Landscape, reflecting the strong presence of mountains and waters, undoubtedly confirms the theory that mountains and waters produce, carry and deliver Qi. 

It is the abundant Earth energy that makes people prosperous and wealthy, not the other way around. Relatively small city ofGeneva,Switzerland, is an expressive illustration of Feng Shui principle on work. It lies in western end of Lake Geneva, right at the place where riverRhoneflows out of the lake. 

Surrounded by mighty mountains (bringing Qi but also enabling Qi energy to accumulate),Genevais the seat of numerous international organizations (including the European HQ of the UN, ICRC, WEF, WHO, CERN, etc.) and companies. Strong presence of waters and Ju Men type of mountain dominating over Geneva Landscape by its qualities further determines this city to be the center of world finances and - financiers. 

Reminder of good and bad location



GOOD Location


BAD Location



-          Water in the vicinity

-          Mountain (hills) in the right directions,  surrounded by Green Dragon and White Tiger

-          Fertile land

-          Good (pleasant) view

-          Protected from rear

-          Open at front

-          Possibly connected with the source of Qi

-          Lush flora & fauna



-At the top of the hill

-          In the gap

-          In the plain area

-          Lonely building

-          Blocked view

-          Closed at all sides

-          Open at all sides

-          Harsh surroundings, ugly & rugged mountains in the vicinity

-          No lush flora, dead trees

-          Frequently stroked with lightning

-          In the vicinity of the graveyard

-          Bad history (battles, graveyards, etc.)




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