According to an old Chinese legend, 2,500 BC, there lived a legendary emperor and military leader, Hoang Ti, also known as the Yellow Emperor. During his reign, he occupied the whole China and won battles against all the other great kings of his time, the White, Red, Green and the Black king. However, the day came when the victory of the Yellow Emperor was questioned for the very first time, due to the dense fog that fell over the battlefield and there was no visible way out of this place or situation. Legend has it that at that crucial moment ,  a Lady of nine heavens appeared before the Emperor and gave him  a Chinese compass called "Luopan", that helped him on that occasion to orient himself within that space filled with doubt and disrupted energy. Since then, Luopan has been used in traditional Feng Shui, best known as a practice for orientation in space and finding balance with different energies within it.

Feng Shui itself is a very complex, ancient Chinese art, which, within itself, includes many schools and theories that are mutually complementary. For this reason, it is very difficult to master this skill without including a detailed study of all the elements that must be taken into consideration. However, here we list those most important things that might be of practical use to you when redesigning your interior. Two major theories within this practice you should know about are: The Theory of Forms (Xingfa) and the theory of the compass (which relies on the use of a previously mentioned, mystical Luopana).

It is important to understand that we are talking about the overall energy of the cosmos here, which is believed to exist in all that surrounds us as well as within ourselves. If this energy is in a good balance, then we are altogether in a good mood, happy and successful, however, if it is disrupted for any reason, we feel it in some form or within the most important life aspects.

The most important part of each space is its so called Tai Chi (center space or the very heart of a place). This is where the energy of the cosmos and the energy of the Earth intertwine, with the rest of the apartment, which then affects all the other important areas of our lives such as: career, love, family, money, travel ... It should be noted that the center of the room must always be clean, without a lot of objects in it so that the energy can flow freely and circulate in that area. Also, since the Feng Shui focuses on the colors that are supposed to be (or not be) present in certain parts of the space, it’s always suggested that the ceilings of the rooms are painted plain white, because she is most suitable when it comes to channeling the upcoming celestial cosmic energy. The use of other colors depends on other different factors, one for example being the part of the world to which the premises are turned to. It is always good to know information such as these when it comes to your living or working space, in order to be able to create a good Feng Shui map, that will help you along the way while you redecorate. But when we are talking about less philosophical and more practical advice, the information that you will perhaps find useful are these:

-When choosing a space for living, take into consideration the person who lived in it before you, because as far as the common belief goes, the energy tends to be retained in the spaces or objects long after we’re gone (remember how your grandmother used to say that you should not wear someone else's jewelry)

-Try to avoid having bathrooms across the main entrance of the apartment or in the center of it. The bathroom is generally considered to be the most energy consuming space according to the Feng Shui and it draws it away from other rooms as well.  Taking into count the exact place where it is located in the living area, various elements such as crystals, colors and mirrors can help with this problem.


-The bedroom is the most important room in the entire house, because this is a place where we spend around 7-8 hours resting and restoring our personal energy. This is why we should try to have as much peace and quiet as we can in this area, without any technology that tends to create a negative radiation due to the electrical field. Also, in this particular space, avoid mirrors if you can, because even though it is considered to be one of the strongest Feng Shui remedies in many cases, mirrors  are very delicate in terms of placing them in t space (for example, they should be put in darker corners of the room in order to enhance the energy levels). For the similar reason, try to repair all of the broken windows and mirrors around your house, because according to the Feng Shui rules, the broken surface also breaks your aura, when you use it for seeing your reflection.

-Space, generally, must be maintained clean and in a proper order, without any garbage, dust or filth in it. This means that even though we all hate and don’t have time for things like regularly throwing out the trash, washing the dishes, arranging our closet ect. we should put our best effort into this routine. (Just think about all the additional love and travel Feng Shui can bring to you if all its elements get the chance to influence the energy flow in your clean apartment, these routines will enhance their Feng Shui power).

-Since this whole practice is about the nature, life and the earth energy, it is recommended that there are no artificial elements in your living space, such as plastic or wilted flowers, fruits and so on...

Nowadays all around the world, and recreantly in our country as well, there are more and more people claiming to be professionals when it comes to Feng Shui. Prices for their services vary and depend on the size of the apartment or goodwill of these decorators. Even though we are certain that there is a lot of truth behind the theories of these ancient practices, which came from the Far East, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to master these skills. This is why we advise you do a really good research yourself before you get into the whole redecorating process, in order to do it right and in order for the Feng Shui to work properly for you.




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