Spring cleaning: 5 Feng Shui advices

Spring is a time of renewal, courage, celebrations and falling in love...

This is the right time for making bold steps forward and achieving your dreams. Spring cleaning at home is something that can make a miracle when we talk about personal energy, which you need to feed and strengthen. As always, Feng Shui is here to help, with the aid of different, but easily workable tips for cleaning your home.

If you still feel empty and tired after long and partially challenging winter, here are some tips that will help you regain your energy, which have been proven to work. Keywords for this action are spring clearing and removing fracture, while the aim is to get rid of everything you do not need. During spring cleaning in your home you will make room for a new and fresh energy which is much needed your life.

Advice Number 1:

If you want to improve your health, get rid of all the objects that make a mess and block the flow of energy in your kitchen, and pay special attention to the kitchen cupboards and freezer. The state of your kitchen is the state of your health, and so do yourself a favor and thoroughly clean it. Be sure to clean the fridge, stove and all the containers you use for preparation and serving of food. Discard any harsh chemicals for cleaning and choose the natural ones that you can make yourself. Clean the drawers, all the work surfaces, chandeliers and lamps - create a fresh path for lively Chi, which will thus come to your home and keep your energy.

Advice number 2:

Bring in three new pots of green plants, refresh your space and create a symbol of power of a new beginning. If you plan to put these pots in the kitchen, select a lush and aromatic plants like basil, rosemary or mint. Focus on your entrance and kitchen, because they are both part of your home which is strongly associated with your health.

Advice number 3:

Thoroughly clean your bedroom and bathroom, and get rid of anything you have not used the past six months. Clean the floor area under your bed, wash the windows and bring in fresh decoration in the spring spirit, so new life can enter in these two rooms.

Advice number 4:

If you want a new love affair in your life, then make space, but physical space for the new person that you would want in your home. Clean your closets for better flow of energy and space. You need to create an open flow of energy in your home, so you can attract the person you want. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to do that!

Advice number 5:

Finally, you must be sure to understand the importance of spring cleaning and you must know what it means cleaning in accordance with Feng Shui principles. What is even better, find free time for a thorough cleaning of the whole home - this will awaken your dormant energy. Each room in your home has a special meaning, just like everything that you saved in a corner of your room.

In this way, and with these five tips you will restore your body and your home. Get ready step into a new life, fill it with happy and healthy energy and be ready for new excitement!

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