Trends come and go, and little boys grow up to be little man who need much more space very fast...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it’s not! Not anymore. The earth-circling, Lex Luthor fighting hero has been largely replaced by the web-spinning, wall-scaling Spiderman, but such are the preoccupations of little boys: fleeting and ever-changing. What does seem to be eternal however, is an attraction to red, white and blue, and combination of colors such as these, is often a good place to start when conceptualizing the room of a child. Among these images from Pottery Barn and Pure Deco this color palette features repeatedly. For those style conscious parents whose homes are both a relaxing escape and a source of pride, a nautical, plaid, gingham, or sporting theme (with chocolate brown accents) could easily exist within a home with an altogether, more sophisticated feel.

Fads of course, come and go and as little boys rapidly grow into little men, accumulating evermore paraphernalia along the way, parents will always be grateful for storage. Not only is storage of both, the mobile and fitted description a necessary and highly functional addition to a young boys room, it is also quite often, something children enjoy. Fitting your boy’s bedroom with a bunk-bed or bunk-bed/ homework space combination will not only save space and encourage study (hopefully) but render you very popular. The prospect of climbing up a ladder to bed and being able to survey his kingdom on high is very exciting indeed! Depending on the number of children being catered for, other space-saving solutions such as a roll-out trundle bed ensemble is definitely a worthwhile investment even if it does serve to accommodate the occasional sleepover guest.



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