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Initially introduced as a fresh concept at the 2022 Salone del Mobile.Milano, the Net collection has evolved significantly this year.

It has expanded beyond being just a sofa and now includes a modular version of the Net sofa as well as a generously-sized bed. This transformation has turned Net into a comprehensive furniture collection that will naturally grow and evolve over time.

The 2023 modular edition of the Net sofa has undergone slight updates. It now features a Canaletto walnut wood structure instead of eucalyptus, with a saddle weave applied to the sides. The front of the armrests is adorned with metal inserts, and customers have the option to choose between leather or fabric cushions, or a combination of both. The modular design is the highlight, as it allows for easy rearrangement of the sofa's elements to accommodate different room layouts.

Nunziati's distinctive style is also reflected in the new Net bed. It showcases a refined headboard made of woven leather and a thermo-treated eucalyptus structure that houses a spacious mattress. Notably, the bed maintains a suspended appearance, seemingly floating in the air without the need for wall fixings. Despite its sturdy construction, it exudes an ethereal quality.

Turri, known for its craftsmanship rooted in tradition and artisanal skills, proudly upholds the Made in Italy guarantee. Collaborating with contemporary designers like Nunziati allows Turri to convey its story and values to an increasingly discerning and diverse audience. The Net collection exemplifies Matteo Nunziati's pivotal role in bridging the gap between product design and manufacturing. Turri's expertise in selecting and working with exquisite, high-quality materials plays a vital role in bringing designers' artistic visions, such as Nunziati's, to life. The ultimate result is a gift bestowed upon customers—a home that offers pure relaxation and immersion in beauty.

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