Circu celebrates its eighth birthday with a fantastic new collection

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Circu is marking its eighth anniversary, and in honour of this momentous occasion, the renowned brand dedicated to children has chosen to unveil a spanking new collection that will aid them in exploring the world around them, their interests, and all that captivates their young minds...

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering devotion to the realm of children, these pieces will bestow upon you the means to present your offspring with a bedroom in which they can revel, mature, and delight in forging unique memories and experiences that tread with careful steps along the boundaries of their imaginative universe. As it has been, the Circu furniture collection appears to be woven from dreams...

The lotus root, emerging from the earth, traversing water, and blossoming above the surface, embodies the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. While this symbolism holds great significance in the mythologies and legends of numerous cultures, the themes of renewal and creation are the most prominent. The Lotus Rocker for infants encapsulates this mesmerising symbolism through its organic, oval shape – the crib comes complete with a detachable sleeping nest, ensuring portability and providing a secure and snug spot for your precious bundle.

Drawing inspiration from the tale of Alice in Wonderland, the Bunny Floor Mirror is an exquisite piece that adds a touch of sweetness and adorns any juvenile chamber. This stylised and enchanting creation pledges to spirit your little ones away into a world of fantasy, wherein they can explore their wildest reveries whilst being entranced by the natural world's allure.

Nurturing a penchant for reading at an early age stands as a splendid approach to fostering a lifelong penchant for learning through literature. Books transport children to distant realms, ignite their imaginative faculties, stimulate cognitive growth and powers of concentration. Bubble Gum is a utilitarian children's bookshelf, boasting an integrated reading nook furnished with a comfortable seat and crowned with an LED light. This special shelf also harbours open compartments designed for decor and sundry articles, as well as additional segments for stowing away toys, art supplies, or sundries. As a warm and snug addition for repose, the Baloo chair, inspired by the carefree bear from "The Jungle Book," serves as an exceptional active seat, ideal for an array of activities such as reading, sketching, learning, or playful pursuits for children beguiled by the animal kingdom.

Have you ever entertained visions of a fantastical realm replete with marshmallow arbours and cocoa streams? Marshmallow encompasses a pair of children's tables intended to invigorate boundless imagination and holistic development. These tables function as blank canvases upon which a child may inscribe their chosen activity, employing their imagination to craft narratives, play, nurture social and cognitive abilities, express creativity, experiment with hues and contours, and bring their notions to life. Marshmallow champions early learning, critical thought, cognitive growth, while also kindling a spirit of curiosity and imagination.

When crafting a juvenile abode, your initial query might well be: "How may I transform this space into a veritable playground where my offspring can revel?" Firstly, determine a theme that resonates with your child's fancy. For instance, regal figures such as kings and queens often grace children's tales. These personas infuse a touch of royal ambience and adventurousness into narratives, captivating young readers' fancies. The Royal Workstation, boasting side doors, drawers, and supplementary shelves for storing treasures, deftly melds fable with functionality, presenting a delightful manner in which to acclimate children to concentration and desk-bound tasks from a tender age.

If your predilection leans towards a confectionery-themed domain inspired by the universes of "Alice in Wonderland" or "Willy Wonka," the lightweight Bonbon chair presents itself as a fittingly snug and ergonomically designed article for the purpose. Alternatively, an intrepid journey of discovery may beckon with the Merida Corner Bed. Taking its cue from the movie "Brave," this piece imparts a message of fortitude, valour, and self-love, empowering children to mould their aspirations.

Arguably the most endearing and intriguing creatures on Earth, pandas exude a unique softness that easily conjures associations with joy, felicity, and affection. Among the most iconic pandas of animated film is the endearingly awkward and unconventional protagonist Po from "Kung Fu Panda." Po is a giant panda who aspires to master the art of martial combat. His journey of self-discovery revolves around understanding the true essence of kung fu and the significance of inner strength and self-belief. This extraordinary character has furnished inspiration for an exceedingly plush animal-themed chair that celebrates the narrative of courage, determination, and the power of self-confidence.

"Adventure is afoot, it's approaching our path, so gather your accoutrements!" Drawn from the movie "Up," this quote has served as the impetus behind the Fantasy Air series. Suitcases personify adventure, and we are fully cognizant of children's penchant for embarking on daring escapades within their imaginative realms. Concealed within these iconic series, the Fantasy Air Baby Changer harmonises aesthetic allure with pragmatic utility. This magical baby changing table is equipped with three drawers, offering ample storage space, a plush and easily washable changing pad atop its surface, and a dedicated compartment for baby essentials. Its unconventional configuration will indisputably make a distinctive statement within any child's domain."

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