Furniture collection inspired by Asian tradition invites you to relax

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It may sound like an amazing combination, but the latest Rotin furniture collection really represents the perfect balance of comfort and design.

From time to time, some collections that appear, leave us amazed - at first glance, they belong to the so-called "lounge" category, they simply invite you to rest, enjoy (and lie down!), but they also seem perfect for interior and exterior use, without a guilty conscience.

Rotin is just one such collection, the work of the design studio Zanellato / Bortotto, which, thanks to the original combination of shapes, colours and materials, tells the story of a new way of thinking and all those comfortable and pleasant places to relax with outdoor company.

It consists of a sofa, armchair, coffee table and pouf chair, and is inspired by the Asian tradition, which uses bamboo as the main element for outdoor furnishing. At the same time, the use of techniques commonly seen in the production of rattan furniture is noticeable, so in this way a new idea of ​​shape, function and ergonomics for outdoor use has been achieved.

Whether you intend to relax or have fun, Rotin will provide you with pleasant moments by creating comfortable and pleasant living spaces, because this is exactly the ideal collection that will also look incredibly good even indoors.

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