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Lisa, designed by Marcello Ziliani for S-CAB, is a chair that finds its place in the best Milanese restaurants: Memà Cafè, Osteria, and Champagnerì. It pays homage to the multifaceted essence of Sicily.

When it comes to describing a product, presenting the facts is the most effective way to highlight its characteristics. The iconic Lisa chair, designed by Marcello Ziliani for S-CAB, is renowned for its stylistic versatility, making it a popular choice among designers.

In Milan, Lisa takes center stage in the spaces of Memà Cafè, Osteria Memà, and Memà Champagnerì, as part of architect Simone Fantoni's project. Through the interior choices, Fantoni beautifully captured the essence that the venues' owners aimed to convey. The warm colors of Sicily, the architectural influences of the Normans, the captivating sounds of the Arab culture, and the vibrant energy of the city streets. This ambiance is translated daily, from breakfast to evening drinks, into impeccable service and a culinary experience that blends gourmet flavors with regional delicacies. The hospitality exudes a sense of warmth that only a mother can provide - "Memà" means "my mother" in Sicilian dialect.

The Lisa chairs, reminiscent of the elegant atmosphere of the 1950s and 1960s, serve as a common thread that defines the shared identity of the three venues. Each space offers a distinct experience of taste and pleasure.

Featuring a frame made of thin tubular metal with a satin gold finish, the Lisa chair showcases a harmonious combination of warm, fine leather and alluring green velvet for the seats. These carefully selected finishes, along with captivating decorative elements, draw attention and provide visual satisfaction, complementing the culinary delights.

Since 2018, Lisa has garnered increasing success due to its exceptional comfort and customizable features. Its retro charm and nostalgic design create a cozy and inviting environment. The enveloping and slightly padded backrest, combined with the comfortable seat, make it a perfect choice for any setting, be it residential or commercial.

Memà Cafè, Osteria, and Champagnerì strive for inclusiveness and transport visitors to the warm and vibrant atmosphere typical of Sicilian flavors, which is further enhanced by the presence of the Lisa chair. Memà represents Sicilian traditions reimagined through the cosmopolitan lens of Milan, blending simple yet delicious recipes with a refined environment that offers delightful details to explore. Simone Fantoni's interior design project reflects the experiences and emotions associated with Paolo Sassi, the founder of Memà, and his connection to his birthplace, Caccamo, and Cefalù, the enchanting coastal town where he grew up and worked. The staff and the owners form a close-knit family, ensuring that every moment of the day is special and that guests always feel welcome.

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