We already wrote many times about modern, classic, elegant and luxury bedroom designs…

Now we present you something new. Contemporary and modern design firm, Neopolis, is one of a few firms who understand the significance of combining character, functionality, relaxation and luxury in creating perfectly pleasing bedroom designs. Their use of lilac and ice lavender shades together in a color palette give your bedroom refinement. Delicacy of wall stenciling and closet doors enhances the sense of calm and serenity. Blue hues invoke a tranquil attitude, with mellow spirit of muted tones. Colors are mainly brought together in soft sheen draperies, textured walls and the illusion of expanded space.

 Their use of sophisticated gray tones suits the fluid of timeless lines, crisp classical details and modern geometric shapes of the décor, furnishing and architectural detail.  The neutral tones in both these spaces work winningly in varying degrees of warmth. Berry tones are often invigorating in a bedroom. Employing the purity of a stark white room is just as bold as the earlier business of animal print, and explosions of complementary hues add excitement. Ultramodern décor and fixtures intensify the design’s refinement.

These four luxurious rooms evoke fine wines and thoroughbred horses. Sensual materials and creamy textures combine with premium accessories and baronial colors to create opulence.

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