Spectacular lakeside villa in Montreal with Bonaldo details

With a breathtaking view over the lake, this amazing villa in Montreal, perfectly fits into its surroundings…

Its external façade has extensive fenestration, which allows its occupants to enjoy the full beauty of its surroundings, even when indoors. The materials which were chosen to contribute to the sense of absolute accordance between the villa and the environment are natural stone, aluminum and wood. We can say that they ensure that this piece of modern architecture has a direct link with its landscape.

Furniture which was used to appoint the villa was carefully picked out, in order to strengthen the seamless connection of exterior and interior, with a number of pieces by Bonaldo, which were chosen as a crucial part of this approach. Italian brand made sure that the space has the right balance in terms of furniture, bringing warmth to a space which is primarily characterized by the cool tones of construction materials.

The kitchen is appointed with Filly collection of chairs and stools in yellow and white shades, as well as the AX table with wooden top, which creates a cozy and elegant ambiance. Living room is decorated with Lars sofas, with their comfortable high backrests, while Hollywood poufs are perfect match to the other pieces in the hall. The bedroom is chosen as a home to Thin bed, which has it simple, sleek design.

 In more than 80 years of business, Bonaldo has become a must-have when it comes to furnishing a space with quality and style, whether it's a residential or contract space. The Italian brand has demonstrated its outstanding ability to tackle the complex demands of the contract industry thanks to its wide range of products and the possibility of customizing them. Indeed, with its ongoing research in the field of materials, Bonaldo offers an array of upholstery covers and finishes to accommodate the most diverse planning needs.

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