Click and Grow - technology of the future

Click and Grow team has announced its second generation of smart garden. This invention allows anyone to grow plants at home with extremely limited maintenance...

Smart Herb Garden is easy to use and you do not need knowledge of gardening, just add water, plug in and the technology itself doing all the work.

It features nano technology with LED light that helps plants to grow even in unfavorable conditions. LED light provides enough light, consumes minimal energy and cost about $ 6 for the whole year.

Unlike the first generation, which only allows space for planting one, a new model allows you to plant three. Seeds for your spices comes with your order in cartridges that are ready to be inserted. This invention has a beautiful white design that will express your decor.

Here are a few interesting things about Click and Grow - Smart Herb Garden

Nano technology substrates for growth, exclusively available with Click and Grow products. Contains pockets for oxygen and guarantee entry of air into the plant, even when they are saturated with water. Nutrients are released in the plant decomposing organic matter. Just as it happens in nature - leaves fall and becomes a nutrient for plants.

The substrate for growth is made from natural renewable resources and contains no pesticides, hormones or any other kind of harmful substances. Despite its high technology that is involved, the plants are grown naturally,.

The light spectrum in the traditional LED light make plants that look unnatural and can be harmful to children's eyes. Click and Grow collaborated with world leading LED technology to invent energy-efficient light system that is safe and looks natural. The light requires only 6 watts.

As lovers of pure food and non GMO plants. Click and Grow does not put anything that is a little suspicious in plants. And there is no need for them - well watered and nurtured plant can defend itself without help.

All you need to do is fill the tank with water once every 3-6 weeks, and electronic mechanism with indicator will remind you of this.

It's the perfect invention for those who do not have a garden, but they want to grow plants at home, those who are traveling and do not have time to take care of their plants, people who forget to water the plants ...

On Click and Grow website you can order this invention which cost something under $ 100.

See how Click and Grow started. You will find out what their story and mission.


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