Decorate garden with wooden pallets

Imagine pots, tables, small garden benches, even canopy carried by the beautiful simple wooden pallets, covered with beautiful plants and flowers...

All this can become part of your yard decoration. All you need is to learn how to use simple wooden palette in your project and how to recycle your wood at every opportunity.

Wooden pallets are really easy to assemble and have proved their role many times in recycling projects that are truly functional when used properly. Find palette, go make a run building materials store or supermarket. Most shops pallets used in the transport of goods, and after taking, a few of them are thrown. If you have any chance to get them free, do so.

Once you bring one, or hopefully variety palette, home, start preparing for your garden project. Depending on what you have in mind you may have to knock some nails or to disassemble. Use a sand paper to smooth the sharp edges.

For pallet garden is necessary to leave the space in between, if you plan to plant the flowers in the palette. Fill it with soil and plant your favorite plants. They can serve as flower pots or shelves for pots in your yard.

Pallets can also be used for other purposes. Make a fence in front of your house from the palette and then repaint and decorate with the pots. Also arrange palette over your garden and create a shortcut without having to step on the flowers or mud.

Be creative and make a corner in which your children can play and hide from the sun during the summer.

Let your imagination run wild and roll up your sleeves. It's quick and easy, and you only need a little bit of free time and ideas. We have prepared a variety of photos to  encourage you.


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