Fast - a new vision for outdoor furniture

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Fast kicks off 2020 with an IMM fair where he presents his latest products, such as the Rio folding armchair designed by Alberto Lievore and the Orizon table and chair collections designed by Studio Lievore Altherr, as well as his new vision for outdoor furniture, which General Manager Marco Levrangi explains:

- Our products, which are in harmony with nature and environment, and their purpose is to be used outside four walls. Drawing their inspiration from different outdoor lifestyles, new color combinations have been put together to bring our products into harmony with the natural environment.

Thanks to a painstaking search for colors, finishes, and fabrics, Fast has been able to completely re-style its entire collection. The result is a new catalog that introduces the brand for the first time in Cologne: new color palettes, inspired by different but complementary outdoor lifestyles. One palette offers shades of blue, reminiscent of sky and sea, while the other explores warm and earthy shades of brown and ocher.

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