Flower pots in the form of mini homes

These original Ienami Bonkei pots take us into the wonderful world of miniatures...

The inspiration behind the project has its roots in the Japanese art "bonkei". It is defined as a three-dimensional miniature pictures of landscapes, developed using mainly materials like - walls and a mixture of cement and sand.

It may also contain miniature figures of people, animals, buildings, bridges and other elements of the outdoors.

The micro-universe in the pictures that you see make different pots, each reminiscent of a house with a roof garden. There are four different versions to choose from: Hiroba - square or plaza, Roji - aisle or tunnel. By combining several of these versions, you can get a nice little village.

Play with the color green and the type of roof garden to add visual diversity.

Ienami Bonkai pots make a charming decoration for your home or office.


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