IKEA mini greenhouse

Swedish furniture maker IKEA, has recently launched a product that helps urban gardeners to take better care about their houseplants...

Miniature greenhouse can help to maximize space for your plants, which is limited.

Designed to offer a space-saving solution for city dwellers, Miniature greenhouse from Ikea, feature an adjustable canopy with two operational glass lids for positioning and ventilation of the plants.

The seeds and sprouts will not have problems to integrate in greenhouses steel frames. This laminated and simple design can easily be set in any space like: kitchen, living room or it can be a part of a small set of greenhouses in your hallway.

Plants can live in these greenhouses up to 18cm in height. Designed by Sarah Fager, small greenhouses with steel frames cost $20, so consider whether that is the price for you, then run to the nearest Ikea store.


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