Indispensable Tool for Modern Gardeners

Another Kickstarter project caught our attention just in time for summer: the fantastic Edyn Modern Garden Sensor and Water Valve with its matching smartphone app.

Smart home systems are only days away from having a garden companion with technical arguments that demand attention. This impressive smart garden gadget is somewhat a hybrid between old-school gardening and new-school farming games. By connecting your garden to your smartphone and offering real-time information, the modern garden gadget encourages and reminds you to take good care of your plants’ health. Easy to insert in the ground, easy to connect to your smartphone via the appointed app, this fascinating gadget takes gardeners from guessing to knowing in a matter of seconds.

After many years of farming research in Panama and Kenya, soil scientist Jason Aramburu and designer Yves Behar of Fuseproject built not only a smart and “instinctive” garden gadget that provides you with knowledge and your plats with the right amount of water, but a “community of like-minded growers”. By tracking a range of factors like sunlight, moisture or soil nutrition levels, the solar-powered sensor turns free-energy into a healthy vegetable crop.

The team’s research shows that gardeners and small-scale farmers were looking “not for something to do the work for them, but to give them a deeper understanding of their plants” and so the whole system was created around this need. “We designed the app to give the user information in a clear and concise way, maximizing their gardening potential. Upon opening the app, you are given a contextual snapshot of your garden – including percentages for ideal moisture, nutrition levels, light, and temperature. The app provides tips based on weather and soil nutrient levels, sends you in the moment updates and notifications, and even shows which plants or groups of plants will grow best in your garden.”

Supporting sustainability through their work, the versatile team imagined a sensor that would constantly monitor its environment in order to provide the data needed for informed action. Whether you’re growing vegetable, fruit, herbal, decorative or medicinal plants, this compact garden system relies on the same energy plants use while also proving its aesthetic worth in a cheerful bright yellow package. Together with Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, the Edyn smart garden system is here to encourage people in their pursuit of sustained health.


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