Make your own garden indoors

We all know that a beautiful garden can provide a paradise for our eyes.

Everyone has a one or two plants at home and takes care about, it gives us joy and pleasure while we watch it bloom. Imagine a small garden that is flourishing thanks to you. Imagine yourself  drinking a hot tea surrounded by the scent and view.

Although we are accustomed to have our gardens outdoor, people who live in buildings are not able to plant directly into the ground. For them we have prepared several options how to have a garden indoors.

If you are willing to spend a good amount of money, we suggest that you run out to the shops and buy yourself the necessary equipment, but you can have a perfect garden indoors  even  without the high costs.

If you have decided to make your garden will low costs, this is the place for you.

First, decide what will be your garden, Are you going to grow flowers that will bring visual pleasure, or you want to have more benefits and  your garden will be your small market as well.

Select a place to make your garden,  to be successful you have to respect the spaces which plants ask for. Choose a place that has a lot of windows and sunlight.

Once you have it all planned out, it's time to choose plants that will be planted. Watch it to be seasonal flowers, cactus, begonias ...

Use everything you can think of so you would plant your garden, plastic bottles, cans, egg shells, jars ... Convert things that you throw in a modern garden that will impress everyone.

Use your plastic bottles in various ways, it can be cut in half and make into a pot, also plant in the upper part of the bottle, which you will then put into the bottom and thus save time on constant watering.

Use cans as flower pots, the best are the ones you buy beans or corn in, they are not too tight or too high. Simply paint them in different colors and in a blink of a eye you will be ready to have a place for your plants. Cans can hang on a wall or simply stacked on a table or shelf that you set aside for your garden.

Jars that you throw can now be decor for your garden, you can bind decorative ribbon around them a or twine that will match your garden.

Make a pot that your children will love and like to watch. Stick a cap of a plastic bottle as a nose and add eyes.

If you have old baskets that you do not use anymore, it would be ideal for planting.

Buy in-store small translucent bowls that look like a fish bowl and plant in them,  if you want your garden to look more elegant.

If you have a tea cup that you do not need or is cracked, they can still serve as pots for seedlings, and when the plant begins to seek more space switch in bigger pot. The same can be done with the shells of eggs.

Write the names of the plants if you choose  your garden to be herbs or vegetables, so you will always know where everything is.

The whole effort will pay off once your garden flourish.


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