Scandinavian Balconies

The connection with the outdoors is very important in Scandinavian interior design. This is partially why practically all Nordic houses and apartments have large windows.

They let in natural light which is very important in the décor because it makes the room look bright and open and this complements well the minimalism but they also provide views of the surrounding area.

The balcony is a very important element. Almost all apartments and houses have balconies, terraces or decks. Even the smallest ones have one. It’s a way of connecting the inhabitants with everything that’s surrounding them and also a way of opening up the home onto the exterior. Most balconies are small but this doesn’t make them useless.

Even the smallest balcony has room for a chair and maybe even a table. Here one can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or can simply relax and enjoy the weather. In general, Scandinavian balconies are not enclosed. 

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