A real beach cabana, Hawaiian shirts, coconut water and holiday beats reminding you of that one particular summer… Really the perfect setting for Extremis to showcase their new ‘tools for togetherness’ BUNDLE  & WALRUS. Thanks to the ambassadors of the good life summer will start real soon this year in Milan!

Walrus, the first real outdoor sofa

After its successful launch at the IMM in Cologne the Walrus range has been extended noticeably. The new tables (corner square table, coffee table, side table and linking table) make the range even more versatile and offer endlessly combination possibilities. And thanks to the different seating heights (335 mm till 385 mm) Walrus satisfies the highest seating requirements.

Imagine sitting outdoors in a lazy big sofa, enjoying the good weather, funky drinks, a nice rest or a good conversation: who doesn’t love that?  What a shame that we have to transform that good looking sofa into a bare frame or hide it away under a cover to protect it from the elements. Should we just accept that ugly look for most of the year? That’s why Extremis turned the idea of outdoor seating completely inside out. They use a super robust cover material to make a sleek, weatherproof and always ‘nice to look at’ sofa. An ingenious storage pouch in the back of the Walrus hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion, to provide the softness, comfort and touch appreciated in contact with your body. This softness is provided in a matter of seconds: a warm, dry and comfortable place to sit is instantly available outdoors whenever the sun pops out. Yes, in all seasons!

Walrus saves on storage space inside the house and, more than anything, it saves you a lot of time and effort. It is a real tool for togetherness that makes spending time together as pleasant as can be, all year round!

Bundle ‘design by nature’

In Milan Extremis introduces ‘Bundle’ to the public: a seating and swing design inspired by nature. The structure refers to random branches found in the woods. They are tied together with straps in a way Bundle offers great seating comfort. Since the entire piece is held up by the same straps, they also serve as a backrest. This is how – only – two materials and a boyscout training can result in great design.

With Bundle designer Lionel Doyen brings a unique hybrid piece of furniture varying between a bench, a day bed and a sofa. Originally developed as a concept for the world leader in outdoor technical textiles SUNBRELLA and after more than 1 year of development and technical improvement, the product found its way into the Extremis collection. During this year we joined forces and started rethinking the entire product technically: the newpowder coated structure , the new dimensions, the new double sided straps,… The product is now available as a swing or a bench and in a wide variety of colours. 

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