Wood Burning Garden Heater

Made in Holland, and inspired by the factory smokestack, this outdoor fireplace/heater will turn some heads in the neighborhood.

Made from corten steel, as the material corrodes it forms into a protective, sustainable layer. Kind of a self-protecting shell, that almost looks wood-like. (And don't the metal rings give this a bit of a wine-barrel flare?) The designer, Frederik Roije, is paying homage to the industrial age with the smokestack as a landmark and symbol of progress. But he's also paying homage to the campfire, having created this stylish urban gathering place.

Wouldn't this piece look great on the roof deck of a modern structure? Or in the backyard, or on the deck at the cottage. Wherever it goes, be prepared for lots of outdoor gathering and conversation. And better keep those marshmallows handy!

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