6 DIY Home Spring Scents

In the blink of an eye, it’ll be officially spring, whether the weather chooses to agree with us or not.

Even though some of us may be dealing with a bout of ice and snow, it’s never too early to do a bit of spring cleaning, organizing and sprucing when it comes to the house. We’ve compiled some easy, family-friendly tutorials for you to try our and get your home smelling like springtime! Take a peek and try your hand out on some of these DIY home fragrances!

1. Lemon, Rosemary Mix.
For a subtle hint of spring with a warm richness, try adding some fresh ingredients together. Slice your lemons, add some fresh rosemary stems and a bout of lavender essential oil to the mix. Boil them on the stove or set them out in a bow with a scoop of baking soda so that it fills the space.

2. Essential Oil Air Freshener.
This recipe calls for a bit more time, but it’s so worth it! Use your favorite, springtime essential oil scents, then add it to a cup of boiling water and unflavored gelatin mix. Pour it into a container of your choice and you’ve got a luxury-style air freshener for any room of the house!

3. Lemon Linen Spray.
Who doesn’t love their linens smelling fresh and clean, even after months sitting in the closet waiting to be used? With a spritz of this, you’ll have your spring table cloths and quilts ready for use! Grab a spray bottle, fresh lemon peels and pour in some vodka. It’s chemical free and you can add any other citruses to the mix: limes anyone?

4. Tropical Potpourri.
Have your home smelling like spring break in no time! Boil some water, add pineapple juice and a bit of coconut extract for an inside pina colada special! It’s perfect for birthday parties, luncheons or just to make yourself (and your home) feel good!

5. Easy Reed Diffuser.
Who has a favorite scent at Bath and Body Works? Personally, I love Pink Chiffon, and will definitely be trying this trick out over the weekend. Grab a vase of choice, bamboo skewers, fill the container up with some baby oil and add either essential oils or a bout of your favorite perfume!

6. Lime Filled.
Although you can use any flavors you want, I choose lime, a refreshing and underrated citrus. To make this natural air fresheners, grab some lime peels, fresh mint and vanilla extra. Add them to some water and voila, your space is now springy fresh!

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