NU-OVO - Place just for you

„NU-OVO“ was created as answer to need of putting some activities in empty space and to securing privacy...

„Tisettanta“ is focused on designing and creating furniture of highest quality for elite class. „NU-OVO“ is part of „Halifax“ collection.

„Tisettanta“ made first exterior furniture design by making this micro hideout that can also be used indoors. It has wooden construction, resistible to weather conditions, separated in 8 parts. Six are fixed, and two are moved by rotation system. Shell is changeable and it can be from net or cloth. Metal base is fixed to the ground by eight legs.

As a true mobile living unit, „NU-OVO“ can be equipped by order. It is made in several variants. „NU-OVO“ will let you transform your little room in separated zone of luxury.


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