Decorate your home with rope for the nautical design

The rope is the most important element in any nautical interior design...

It can be the difference between the elegant authentic creation and cheap one that only seeks to illustrate the attitude or image of design, but without success. The rope can be used in many projects, and its vintage, raw and industrial look has caught the eye of some of the great interior designers around the world.

The rope is a great way to bring natural fiber in your interior. All the decorations of the rope will bring charm to your home.

When we say a nautical, immediately we think of the blue water, sandy beaches and of course we think of the rope. This image can be integrated into any room design, in contrast to the white furniture and lamps. The effect of such details can be full of elegance.

If you feel as if you would use the challenge, you can go over the top and use the old boat as a bed that floats in the air while hanging from your ceiling in the bedroom. Would not that be great?

The rope can be used outdoors too, as candlestick hanging from the trees in your yard or to hold the swing on your porch. Add shells and pieces of glass on your rope and you have a unique doorbell. Take advantage of old material by making a deck chair for your porch and lash the rope, it will be the perfect place to rest.

You can also use a rope to embellish your existing furniture. Disguise lamp body with a rope or dining room chandelier. Use it as a handle for drawer, or simply beautify the mirror frame. Decorate your bedside table, frame it to decorate with a rope.

Decorate your pencil holder beautiful white rope on which you will add the details in color or tie a rope around your silverware in order to have an elegant design on your table.

Use rope as a handrail for stairs, this is an inexpensive way to have a rail, yet charming and elegant detail.

Affix the rope around the plastic cups that will then put the lights. Wrap the rope around the neck and hide chandelier bulbs in the rope and get instant nautical effect in your dining room. Also decorate your lamp by gluing a rope around it.

See the photos that we have prepared and get to work so your home would become a nautical oasis.


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